Dec 122010
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I sit here reflecting on the 50 city ride. Wow… It’s done. The last 10 cities were definitely different than I had planned. I’m thankful that I was flexible to deal with the cards that were being played. I will be posting a video with a wrap up of lessons learned this past year and specifically on this ride.

I want to say thank you for everyone that made this possible !

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Nov 122010

The 50 city tour is heading south to finish. Just like life plans have to be adjusted and tweaked. This has seemed to be part of the underlining fabric that has been woven into a beautiful tapestry. I first at times frustrated as my trip began to go in directions that I had not originally planned. However, I am thankful that I was flexible enough to allow it to unfold. Each delay or change of direction began to slowly show me how we can be lead if we give up our rights to having things 100 percent our way.

I have seen what appeared to be a delay turn into a divine appointment of meeting people or opportunities open up that had I been unwilling to bend a little in my plans I would have never encountered. I am hearing from people on a daily basis how my journey is inspiring them to start or continue on their own. Wow, this is humbling. What started out as my own personal journey is growing and becoming bigger than I ever imagined. I am blessed to know that there are people that take time to watch my sometimes goofy video’s and take time to send me a note.

I will be making a big announcement next week. Stay tuned

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Nov 112010

Today was spent in Harrisonburg again. I met with people from the Madison Magazine at JMU. The Madison Magazine is the Alumni publication for the University. I graduated from JMU in ’84 . Today I also received a box of sporting apparel from Columbia Sportswear. Awesome stuff….. I love the way what I have tried so far feels.  Thanks Earl !

Video footage will be posted soon

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Nov 102010

I met with a good friend of mine and her husband for dinner. This trip has allowed me to see old friends and make new ones. I continue to explore what will take place after the ride. I will be posting something concerning this in the upcoming days.

My weight has continued to fluctuate between 242 – 248 . I want to see me drop down into the 230’s . My next goal is 235 . That will be a milestone in that it will make 100 pounds dropped since  Jan 2010. I’m finding that it is quite common to reach a plateau  and a point where many people give up or go backwards. This is a point where I need to figure out how to shake things up and keep moving forward. I understand why the guy from PX90 talks about muscle confusion and constantly shaking things up.

I may have to add some of that into my routine. I’ll keep you posted. I will not be looking at the scale til Sunday . I want to see how the rest of this week plays out normally. I want to show you do’t have to be chained to the scale and you can live life. You need to check it every so often to make sure you are moving in the right direction, but not everyday.

Do something healthy for your body it does the body good.

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Nov 042010

For more Information call 540.433.9333  click on the logo for location

I want to give a special shout out to the  Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites  in Harrisonburg , VA .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Harrisonburg  make them your hotel of choice . :-) Thank you Amy Myers for your kindness. All the staff here are friendly and cheerful and go the extra mile in making your stay enjoyable. Thanks to Michelle,too.

To all my  fellow Dukes if you come back to visit Harrisonburg for a game or homecoming you definitely need to make the Fairfield your home away from home.

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Nov 012010

Happy 400th Hampton! Hampton is the oldest continuous English speaking community in America. I grew up here and went to Kecoughtan High School. It was great to see old friend’s visit the old neighborhood. Things deinitely have changed.

Here are a couple of videos from my time there. I even have some video from Sam Rust Seafood. THey gave me my first real job in High School.

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Oct 312010

Hey everyone,

Today I actually did a night ride. It was Halloween and I wanted to see everyone dressed up. Of course the beachfront was basically dead as a door nail. However I had a blast striding down the boardwalk and Atlantic Ave. I had one person Kattlynn from Indiana that was so excited she was yelling down from 10 floors asking to try out the SS Black Dawg. see the video.

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Oct 302010

Stopping in Greensboro for a stride on my way up to VA. I’m getting stoked about seeing friends and taking a trip down memory lane. I think I may have left my flip cam in Salisbury. I’ll call Rocky to see if they see it.

I was hoping to see a friend of mine Skip Anderson here. Turns out he is in Charlotte and we most likely passed each other tis morning. Day 3 of new plan no real change in weight either way. will keep you posted.

Update: After my stride I was looking for something else I found the flip cam….. I really wanted to make sure I had that in VA

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Oct 292010

I want to give another shout out to the Marriott properties that have been so gracious to me on the tour so far. I hope to continue that relationship on the second half of the journey.

I want to ask during your travels on business or pleasure consider the Marriott Properties to be your home away from home. Below is the logo’s for the one’s we have stayed at so far:

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Oct 272010

Hey everyone,

today I hit Greenville SC.  dodging  the rain, well most of the time. I did get wet. I was able to get in about hour and a half of striding. I’m thankful that it was not cold. Getting cold is one thing wet and cold is no fun. Overall a good day.

I’m looking forward to seeing my good friend’s Rocky and Bobbye Jo Smith when I hit Salisbury tonight. Also, on friday I will get to see an old high school friend tracy blanchard. I have not seen her in over 30 years. I’m really enjoying re-connecting with old friend’s.

I’m experimenting with a different nutrition plan over the next week. I’ll let you know how that goes next week.

Rumor has it I will go paddle boarding for the first time…stay tuned

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Oct 262010

Hey    everyone,

Today I spent in Alpharetta Ga.  I forgot to bring my camera , so no pictures.  I met for lunch with a Friend of mine that I grew up with in Hampton VA. He has set me up to get  in-kind products from his company Columbia Sportswear

What a blessing. A big thanks to Earl Roberson.  Make sure you check out their website.  Bass Pro shops carry their products. Be looking for pictures of the new threads and reviews.

Oct 202010

Hey everyone:

I am on a huge mission to change my own life and to help reverse the curse of adult/ childhood obesity by riding in 50 cities to raise awareness. Personally I turned 50 this year and knew I needed to make a change when I tipped the scale at 335.  I have dropped 90 lbs. since the end of January and 30 of that riding the StreetStrider since the end of August. (see attached pic)

I am half way done with my 50 city awareness mission and am now in Atlanta regrouping for the second half. I have funded this trip myself and with the help of  a few friends chipping in along the way.

I bought my streetstrider, using my own car, spent personal funds and investing my time and sweat equity because I really feel this message needs to get out! We have to change as a nation or our children are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can and will impact the next generation. What message concerning health will we send?

I have exhausted my resources and I need your help to finish the drill.  I suck at asking for help but  a life long friend said Bob you have two options:

The first, quit and only dream of what might have been, taking the easy way out!

Second, contact people and invite them to be part of your journey. Your success will be tied to your willingness to ask others for help. Swallow your pride and ask.


I have lodging worked out so that is taken care of and has and will cut out a major expense. The main expense is gas, food and incidentals. Looking at the rest of my schedule, I need aprrox. $2,100  to make it to New York City where I am expecting to be on the Today show.  I have 25 cities left.

I need to find 60 people to give $35 or 20 to give $100. I ask you to consider joining me in fighting this battle and donating what you can. Reversing obesity is something people can get behind, so please re-post and/or email this to your friends and family.

Whether you personally struggle with weight issues or you know someone suffering from diabetes or other weight related issues, this is a disease that touches everyone.

Obesity is 100 % preventable!

How to give:

go to Http:// click on the donation page and follow the link or simply click on this link

Here is a link to a video news story about my mission while in Boise Idaho during the first half of the trip.

Please follow me on my blog

Your support will not go unnoticed. If you give $100, you’ll be featured on my blog page or you can do a dedication to somebody send me their name and a pic and your tribute and I’ll post it. I will list all donors on my gratitude page.

A big thanks to those that have already joined with me. You Rock ! You are making this a great success.




Thank you so much.

Bob Carter

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Oct 182010

Lost in the Glare

A popular Wisconsin cyclist was killed when the sun blocked a driver’s view.

By Bob Mionske

In the 1990s, one team dominated the Master’s category at races throughout the Midwest: the Vic Tanny team, sponsored by Jeff Littman, who held the Mr. Wisconsin title, but was making a transition from bodybuilding to bicycle racing. In 1994, when Littman opened his own health club, the Vic Tanny team he had been sponsoring became Team Wisconsin , which still races today. Through Team Wisconsin’s junior team, Littman was also behind the development of future racing professionals. Jeff and I raced in many of the same events throughout the Midwest, and so I knew who he was; in fact, everybody who raced in the Midwest did, because his team consistently crushed the other teams in the Master’s category.

That is why I immediately recognized his name when I heard it again last week. On October 1, Littman was out on a training ride when a motorist rear-ended and critically injured him . Four days later, on October 5, Littman succumbed to his injuries. Wisconsin cyclists were stunned ; in addition to his reputation as a powerhouse of a racer, Jeff Littman was also the President of the Wisconsin Cycling Association .

As is so often the case, the driver who hit Littman never even saw him. But this wasn’t just another case of driver inattention; the driver never saw Littman because he was blinded by the morning sun in his eyes. As he reported to investigating officers, he had been on the road for less than a minute, and he couldn’t see because the sun was “too bright”:

“The sun was very bright and glaring on my windshield. I was wearing sunglasses, my visor was down and my windshield wipers I just turned off because the dew was clearing. I was going under the speed limit about 40 mph because it was very hard to see. I made sure to be in my lane because I couldn’t see oncoming traffic or anything much more than about 10 feet on front of me. I didn’t see anyone then all of a sudden boom I hit two bicyclists.”

Littman’s riding partner, Lauren Jensen , who was also hit , reported that she had been riding in the center of the shoulder, and that Littman had been hugging the fog line. The driver, who said that he was trying to stay in his lane to avoid oncoming traffic, actually veered onto the shoulder.

Cyclists are often reminded of the necessity of making themselves visible to drivers. When we assume that a driver can see us because we can see the driver, we make what I call an error of mutual recognition. While a motorist might be readily seen, a cyclist, who is only one-seventh the size of an automobile, might be overlooked—particularly if the motorist is subconsciously only scanning for other motorists. For this reason, many cyclists attempt to enhance their their ability to be seen with brightly colored or reflective clothing, and lights.

But even with enhanced conspicuity, there is still the chance that the driver just doesn’t see the cyclist. On the morning of October 1, the driver who was unwittingly bearing down upon Jeff Littman and Lauren Jensen was facing directly into the morning sun, and whatever conspicuity-enhancing efforts the two cyclists may have made were completely lost in the deadly mix of blinding glare and excessive speed.

Could the driver have avoided this collision? Sure. He could have slowed to a speed that was “reasonable and prudent under the conditions,” as Wisconsin law requires—but he didn’t. When drivers fail to observe their legal duty to adjust their speed for conditions, collisions, sometimes tragic, are often the result, as was the case with Jeff Littman. And all too often, the driver, and the driver’s insurance company, fail to see that it was the motorist’s failure to observe the law that led to the collision. I once had a case in which a motorist had hit and injured a cyclist, but the insurance company refused to pay. The insurance company claimed that it was not the drivers fault that the sun was setting in the direction he was traveling, and that the cyclist should have known that he was in danger. Fortunately for my client, the jury “saw” things differently.

Although the driver who collided with Jeff Littman and Lauren Jensen could have taken action to avoid this collision, it may be that there was nothing that the two cyclists could have done. They were both riding on the shoulder, and the driver drifted out of his lane. The driver was unable to see anything in front of his vehicle, and was driving too fast for conditions, so conspicuity was not a factor in the collision.

Did they even realize the danger they were in? Would you realize the danger? If there’s anything positive we can take away from this tragedy, it may be the lessons we can all learn. The sun is a factor that is predictable, and therefore foreseeable, and that should be taken into account by both drivers and cyclists.

First, as a cyclist, if you are riding into the sun and it is difficult to see, you are in a very dangerous situation, because you are positioned between the sun and the eyes of any approaching drivers, and they may not be able to see you there. Similarly, if you are riding with the sun to your back, oncoming drivers may not be able to see you. In either situation, you are in a very dangerous situation, and you should be aware of that.  To mitigate the danger, you should consider waiting for the sun conditions to change. Alternatively, you might consider choosing another route. You might also consider adjusting your road position further to the right.

Second, if you are out riding and the sun is impairing your vision, you must be certain that it is safe for you to proceed before crossing through an intersection. John Stenner was a National Time Trials Champion, and one of my cycling teammates in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona . On May 16, 2004, John Stenner was riding home from work when he was hit and killed by a driver. One of the factors that played a role in this collision was the blinding sun. However, it wasn’t the driver who was blinded; instead, it was speculated that with the sun setting low in the sky, the approaching car was lost in the glare of the sun, and John just didn’t see it as he crossed an intersection. John got his start in collegiate racing, and was one of the founding members of the National Collegiate Cycling Association. Today, John’s memory lives on in the John Stenner Collegiate Cycling Scholarship . But even if you’re not a collegiate racer, John’s memory can live on in you, too, every time you remember to proceed with caution when the sun is in your eyes.

Third, if you are driving, and are blinded by the glare of the sun, you must adjust your driving to mitigate this impairment of your vision. This is not just a “safety suggestion,” it’s a legal duty that you are obligated to observe; the basic speed law of every state requires you to lower your speed to a reasonable and prudent speed, regardless of the posted speed limit, when conditions require a reduced speed. If visibility conditions are such that you can’t see, then reduce your speed to one that is safe—or even stop, if safety requires it—until you can see. At other times, when you can see, but glare may be present, consider wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses to cut glare.

We can’t eliminate all risk from every ride, but the risks of serious injury are already quite low, and with these simple precautions, we can further reduce the risk of being hit by a driver who never even saw us.

Research and drafting provided by Rick Bernardi, J.D.

Connect with Bob on Facebook .

Oct 062010

Today  I rode down by the Trinity River… left camera at the hotel so no pictures. Tomorrow I get to meet a StreetStrider Legend, Larry Brooks. Larry has dropped over 125 + lbs. He started his journey 8 lbs. heavier than when I started mine.  He is about 40 lbs. less than me at this point. I look forward to meeting him.

This afternoon I met up with a friend of mine that I made in Las vegas. Shelly and her son Ty were visiting the Fort Worth area.  She a a blast trying out the SS Black Dawg.

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Oct 062010

For more Information call 817.750.7000  click on the logo for location

I want to give a special shout out to the Residence Inn by Marriott  in Fort Worth , TX .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Fort Worth  make them your hotel of choice . :-) Thank you Jennifer Cobb for your kindness. All the staff here at the F.W. Alliance Airport staff are friendly and cheerful and go the extra mile in making your stay enjoyable.

Oct 052010

I rolled into Abilene…early and went for a early morning stride… I had picked Abilene because from of my relatives on my grandmother’s side lived there. Bill ” Doc’ Beazely was well known in the community as an author and his contribution’s to the Six White Horses Program and he served at Hardin Simmons University for many years. He loved the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

I want to give a special shout out of thanks to Donna Hall the Personal Assistant to the President. She introduced me to several folks on campus. I want to say thanks to Debbie Jones for being so kind to coming opening the museum  that I was able to learn more about “Doc” . Always great to learn about your family.

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Sep 302010

Here it is ! I may still need to tweak a couple of cities and I will be adding several for after I go thru the DC area.  Thank you. If you know of opportunities to speak for a school or  an organization let me know and I would love to share the message of reversing adult/childhood obesity.

Sunday      October 3rd      Phoenix AZ

Monday      October 4th     Las Cruces NM

Tuesday    October 5th     Abilene TX

Wed.         October 6th     Fort Worth TX

Thurs.       October 7th     Fort Worth  Metroplex

Friday       October 8th     Austin TX

Sat.          October 9th     Houston TX

Sunday     October 10      New Orleans LA

Monday    October 11      Tuscaloosa Al

Tuesday   October 12      Birmingham Al

Wed.        october 13       Nashville TN

Thursday  October 14    Nashville TN

Friday      October 15       Atlanta GA

Saturday  October 16      Atlanta GA

Sunday     October 17     Atlanta GA

Monday   October 18      Atlanta GA

Tuesday   October 19     Atlanta GA

Wednes    October 20   Atlanta GA

Thurs        October 21    Live Oak FL

Friday       October 22    Orlando FL

Saturday     October 23    Sarasota FL

Sunday      October 24  South Beach/ Fort Lauderdale  ??

Monday     October 25    ??

Tues         October 26   jacksonville FL

Wed         October 27    Savannah /Tybee Island GA

thurs         October 28    Hilton head SC

Friday       October 29    Charlotte NC

Saturday   October 30    Raliegh NC

Sunday     October 31    VA Beach

Monday  November 1  Hampton VA

Tuesday November 2  Harrisonburg VA

Wed       November 3  Charlottesville VA

Thurs      November 4  DC

Friday     november 5   DC area

Saturday November 6  TBA

Sunday  November 7 TBA’

Monday November 8  TBA

Tuesday November 9 TBA

Wed      November 10 TBA

Thurs    November 11 NYC