Oct 262010

Hey    everyone,

Today I spent in Alpharetta Ga.  I forgot to bring my camera , so no pictures.  I met for lunch with a Friend of mine that I grew up with in Hampton VA. He has set me up to get  in-kind products from his company Columbia Sportswear

What a blessing. A big thanks to Earl Roberson.  Make sure you check out their website.  Bass Pro shops carry their products. Be looking for pictures of the new threads and reviews.

Oct 182010

Lost in the Glare

A popular Wisconsin cyclist was killed when the sun blocked a driver’s view.

By Bob Mionske

In the 1990s, one team dominated the Master’s category at races throughout the Midwest: the Vic Tanny team, sponsored by Jeff Littman, who held the Mr. Wisconsin title, but was making a transition from bodybuilding to bicycle racing. In 1994, when Littman opened his own health club, the Vic Tanny team he had been sponsoring became Team Wisconsin , which still races today. Through Team Wisconsin’s junior team, Littman was also behind the development of future racing professionals. Jeff and I raced in many of the same events throughout the Midwest, and so I knew who he was; in fact, everybody who raced in the Midwest did, because his team consistently crushed the other teams in the Master’s category.

That is why I immediately recognized his name when I heard it again last week. On October 1, Littman was out on a training ride when a motorist rear-ended and critically injured him . Four days later, on October 5, Littman succumbed to his injuries. Wisconsin cyclists were stunned ; in addition to his reputation as a powerhouse of a racer, Jeff Littman was also the President of the Wisconsin Cycling Association .

As is so often the case, the driver who hit Littman never even saw him. But this wasn’t just another case of driver inattention; the driver never saw Littman because he was blinded by the morning sun in his eyes. As he reported to investigating officers, he had been on the road for less than a minute, and he couldn’t see because the sun was “too bright”:

“The sun was very bright and glaring on my windshield. I was wearing sunglasses, my visor was down and my windshield wipers I just turned off because the dew was clearing. I was going under the speed limit about 40 mph because it was very hard to see. I made sure to be in my lane because I couldn’t see oncoming traffic or anything much more than about 10 feet on front of me. I didn’t see anyone then all of a sudden boom I hit two bicyclists.”

Littman’s riding partner, Lauren Jensen , who was also hit , reported that she had been riding in the center of the shoulder, and that Littman had been hugging the fog line. The driver, who said that he was trying to stay in his lane to avoid oncoming traffic, actually veered onto the shoulder.

Cyclists are often reminded of the necessity of making themselves visible to drivers. When we assume that a driver can see us because we can see the driver, we make what I call an error of mutual recognition. While a motorist might be readily seen, a cyclist, who is only one-seventh the size of an automobile, might be overlooked—particularly if the motorist is subconsciously only scanning for other motorists. For this reason, many cyclists attempt to enhance their their ability to be seen with brightly colored or reflective clothing, and lights.

But even with enhanced conspicuity, there is still the chance that the driver just doesn’t see the cyclist. On the morning of October 1, the driver who was unwittingly bearing down upon Jeff Littman and Lauren Jensen was facing directly into the morning sun, and whatever conspicuity-enhancing efforts the two cyclists may have made were completely lost in the deadly mix of blinding glare and excessive speed.

Could the driver have avoided this collision? Sure. He could have slowed to a speed that was “reasonable and prudent under the conditions,” as Wisconsin law requires—but he didn’t. When drivers fail to observe their legal duty to adjust their speed for conditions, collisions, sometimes tragic, are often the result, as was the case with Jeff Littman. And all too often, the driver, and the driver’s insurance company, fail to see that it was the motorist’s failure to observe the law that led to the collision. I once had a case in which a motorist had hit and injured a cyclist, but the insurance company refused to pay. The insurance company claimed that it was not the drivers fault that the sun was setting in the direction he was traveling, and that the cyclist should have known that he was in danger. Fortunately for my client, the jury “saw” things differently.

Although the driver who collided with Jeff Littman and Lauren Jensen could have taken action to avoid this collision, it may be that there was nothing that the two cyclists could have done. They were both riding on the shoulder, and the driver drifted out of his lane. The driver was unable to see anything in front of his vehicle, and was driving too fast for conditions, so conspicuity was not a factor in the collision.

Did they even realize the danger they were in? Would you realize the danger? If there’s anything positive we can take away from this tragedy, it may be the lessons we can all learn. The sun is a factor that is predictable, and therefore foreseeable, and that should be taken into account by both drivers and cyclists.

First, as a cyclist, if you are riding into the sun and it is difficult to see, you are in a very dangerous situation, because you are positioned between the sun and the eyes of any approaching drivers, and they may not be able to see you there. Similarly, if you are riding with the sun to your back, oncoming drivers may not be able to see you. In either situation, you are in a very dangerous situation, and you should be aware of that.  To mitigate the danger, you should consider waiting for the sun conditions to change. Alternatively, you might consider choosing another route. You might also consider adjusting your road position further to the right.

Second, if you are out riding and the sun is impairing your vision, you must be certain that it is safe for you to proceed before crossing through an intersection. John Stenner was a National Time Trials Champion, and one of my cycling teammates in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona . On May 16, 2004, John Stenner was riding home from work when he was hit and killed by a driver. One of the factors that played a role in this collision was the blinding sun. However, it wasn’t the driver who was blinded; instead, it was speculated that with the sun setting low in the sky, the approaching car was lost in the glare of the sun, and John just didn’t see it as he crossed an intersection. John got his start in collegiate racing, and was one of the founding members of the National Collegiate Cycling Association. Today, John’s memory lives on in the John Stenner Collegiate Cycling Scholarship . But even if you’re not a collegiate racer, John’s memory can live on in you, too, every time you remember to proceed with caution when the sun is in your eyes.

Third, if you are driving, and are blinded by the glare of the sun, you must adjust your driving to mitigate this impairment of your vision. This is not just a “safety suggestion,” it’s a legal duty that you are obligated to observe; the basic speed law of every state requires you to lower your speed to a reasonable and prudent speed, regardless of the posted speed limit, when conditions require a reduced speed. If visibility conditions are such that you can’t see, then reduce your speed to one that is safe—or even stop, if safety requires it—until you can see. At other times, when you can see, but glare may be present, consider wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses to cut glare.

We can’t eliminate all risk from every ride, but the risks of serious injury are already quite low, and with these simple precautions, we can further reduce the risk of being hit by a driver who never even saw us.

Research and drafting provided by Rick Bernardi, J.D.

Connect with Bob on Facebook .

Oct 062010

Today  I rode down by the Trinity River… left camera at the hotel so no pictures. Tomorrow I get to meet a StreetStrider Legend, Larry Brooks. Larry has dropped over 125 + lbs. He started his journey 8 lbs. heavier than when I started mine.  He is about 40 lbs. less than me at this point. I look forward to meeting him.

This afternoon I met up with a friend of mine that I made in Las vegas. Shelly and her son Ty were visiting the Fort Worth area.  She a a blast trying out the SS Black Dawg.

YouTube Preview Image
Oct 062010

For more Information call 817.750.7000  click on the logo for location

I want to give a special shout out to the Residence Inn by Marriott  in Fort Worth , TX .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Fort Worth  make them your hotel of choice . :-) Thank you Jennifer Cobb for your kindness. All the staff here at the F.W. Alliance Airport staff are friendly and cheerful and go the extra mile in making your stay enjoyable.

Sep 302010

Here it is ! I may still need to tweak a couple of cities and I will be adding several for after I go thru the DC area.  Thank you. If you know of opportunities to speak for a school or  an organization let me know and I would love to share the message of reversing adult/childhood obesity.

Sunday      October 3rd      Phoenix AZ

Monday      October 4th     Las Cruces NM

Tuesday    October 5th     Abilene TX

Wed.         October 6th     Fort Worth TX

Thurs.       October 7th     Fort Worth  Metroplex

Friday       October 8th     Austin TX

Sat.          October 9th     Houston TX

Sunday     October 10      New Orleans LA

Monday    October 11      Tuscaloosa Al

Tuesday   October 12      Birmingham Al

Wed.        october 13       Nashville TN

Thursday  October 14    Nashville TN

Friday      October 15       Atlanta GA

Saturday  October 16      Atlanta GA

Sunday     October 17     Atlanta GA

Monday   October 18      Atlanta GA

Tuesday   October 19     Atlanta GA

Wednes    October 20   Atlanta GA

Thurs        October 21    Live Oak FL

Friday       October 22    Orlando FL

Saturday     October 23    Sarasota FL

Sunday      October 24  South Beach/ Fort Lauderdale  ??

Monday     October 25    ??

Tues         October 26   jacksonville FL

Wed         October 27    Savannah /Tybee Island GA

thurs         October 28    Hilton head SC

Friday       October 29    Charlotte NC

Saturday   October 30    Raliegh NC

Sunday     October 31    VA Beach

Monday  November 1  Hampton VA

Tuesday November 2  Harrisonburg VA

Wed       November 3  Charlottesville VA

Thurs      November 4  DC

Friday     november 5   DC area

Saturday November 6  TBA

Sunday  November 7 TBA’

Monday November 8  TBA

Tuesday November 9 TBA

Wed      November 10 TBA

Thurs    November 11 NYC

Sep 262010

I want to give another shout out to the Marriott properties that have been so gracious to me on the tour so far. We have been staying with friend’s of Kevin in Fresno and Base Camp 180 is Kevin’s home. Last night I spent the night at a good friend Marty Tierney’s place. It was good catching up with him and we went striding together around Oceanside.

I want to ask during your travels on business or pleasure consider the Marriott Properties to be your home away from home. Below is the logo’s for the one’s we have stayed at so far

Sep 262010

Hey everyone:  Here is the SoCal dates and location

Sunday           Sept. 25/26     Oceanside, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar,  CA

Monday         Sept. 27            San Diego, CA

Tuesday         Sept.28           Newport/ Huntington Beach, CA

Wed.              Sept. 29           Los Angeles CA

Thursday     Sept.30           Rondo/ Hermosa/ Venice ,CA

Friday           Oct. 1

Saturday      Oct. 2

Sep 202010

Check out the news story Not your papa’s bike

Sep 182010

Hey Everyone,

Update to the 50/50 tour…  My mission is to help reverse the curse of Adult/Childhood Obesity plaguing our nation. I am out to impact the most people in the most effective way.

This journey started with one man, one dog and one purpose and the cause has grown much larger than myself alone.  Having a support team of Kevin Miller and Daymon Kraus as well as assistance from Dr. Barry and Mindy Sherwood – team Phatboy has been formed.  The message has grown bigger than all of us and we have switched gears to allow for LESS DRIVING AND MORE STRIDING, thus reducing our carbon footprint, shedding LBS, and increasing availability for public awareness!

View the updated City schedule

Sep 172010

for more information call  916.925.2280 ( click on Icon for  Sacramento location )

I want to give a special shout out to the Springhill Suites in Sacramento, Ca .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Sacramento make them your hotel of choice . :-) Thank you Mark Fitzpatrick for your kindness.

Sep 152010

For more information Call 208.938.1853 Click on Icon for the Cloverdale location :-)

I want to give a special shout out to the Springhill Suites in Boise , ID .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Boise make them your hotel of choice . :-) Thank you Kelly for your kindness.Also thanks to Kristi at the desk. All the staff here at the Cloverdale staff are friendly and cheerful and go the extra mile in making your stay enjoyable.

Sep 152010

I want to give special Thanks to Dr Barry Sherwood and his wife Mindy. Barry is a  Chiropractic Physician~Kinesiologist . He took time to make some adjustments on me and to take an inventory of how my health was doing thus far. we also discussed some nutrition plans for the ride. Dr. Sherwood is now the official Team Phatboy physician !

Barry also introduced us to people that are taking an interest in what we are doing. He made contacts that impacted us in a very positive way while in Boise and beyond.  he planned out a great place to ride, assisteed with contacts in the media and The SpringHill suites on Cloverdale. Our time in Boise , would not have been the same without his help.

If you are in Boise , you will be in good hands with Barry. He is very thorough and will take the time needed .

Here is his contact info:

2128 N. Cole Rd.

Boise, ID 83704


Sep 142010

Hey everyone,

after a long drive we ended up staying in Provo UT about 40 miles from Salt Lake City. After breakfast at the Marriott it was off to the Legacy Parkway bike trail. We found the trail head and a place to park and a nice shady and breezy place to leave Brandy in her Kennel. That made me very happy.

This is a brand new trail and  it was fun and fast on the way out…however it was windy coming back…we got worked hard and it took a lot out of us. When I got back to the car Brandy was waiting for me. she actually was napping when i went to get her out of her kennel. after a short walk it was time for a long drive to Boise.

I will meeting Dr. Barry Sherwood and we have two rooms tonight at the Springhill Suites on Cloverdale in Boise..knowing we have things taken care of is key

more tomorrow

Do something healthy today..it does a body good

Sep 132010

Today started a little late… but we loaded up the Striders and it was off to Redrocks to stride down to the city. Kevin , Devon and I headed up to Redrocks. For my friend’s in Colorado, yes there is A redrocks here outside of Vegas. We unloaded the SS Black Dawg and Kevin’s StreetStrider as well. Devon drove the support vehicle. Brandy was able to sleep in late.

We began striding down the hill, it was a blast craving are way down, for me the novice it was fun learning to do different things on the strider like stand and surf on the middle bar or try to stride with no hands. Still need to work on that one, it really works your core. We cruised down the hill to the strip.  we liked it so much we did it a second time. This was definitely a great way to start the Tour.

After, stopping to look for a part , I met a prosecutor from Vegas that saw how much fun we were having and wanted to buy a strider on the spot if we had one. He will be ordering one… Steve, I know you will love your strider. It was a pleasure to meet you. After leaving the parking lot where we had met Steve, we continued the ride downtown and onto the strip…. this was short lived as there just wan’t enough room for us the ride safely. we took to side streets and worked our way back to the hotel.

As we were loading up I received a call from CBS that they wanted to do an interview. We waited for them to come and it was fun to  to get the opportunity to share the message of reversing the curse of adult and childhood obesity. This is 100% preventable. Time to wake up a nation!

Sep 132010

for more info call  702.433.5880 (click on logo for website)

I want to give  special thanks to Shannon and the Springhill Suites in Las Vegas . If your travel plans bring you to Vegas for fun or pleasure make the Spring Hill Suites your hotel of choice. The whole staff here is top notch and will take very good care of you.

Sep 122010

I sit here in my room in Vegas. Kevin miller arrived a little while ago and brought an additional crew member Devon. Kevin and Devon will be assisting me on the ride on the West coast part of the tour. I’m sure it will be strange when they depart in SD. I will post  pictures of them shortly.

Tonight is a night of reflecting on the things that brought me to this point, also of hope for the future, seeing me change, getting out the message of reversing the curse of obesity. Wow, we start striding tomorrow. Kevin will be riding with me and it should be fun and great to have the encouragement.

All types of thoughts flood my brain…like what the heck are you doing, You’ve got an important message to take to the nation…you have made some incredible changes since Jan, it’s going to be hot tomorrow…I hope brandy enjoys this time, I wonder how all this will work.

I have been very blessed to be able to make the changes I am making by choice and not being forced to do so because of medical issues. Please comment on any questions you might have on how I got here.

I really understand the traps and pitfalls that can come around as you slide down the path that leads to obesity. I don’t think anyone says oh I think I’ll go out and get fat so I can no longer enjoy the things I like to do and shut out the people I love and care  about. Having said that…it is a matter of choice or should I say many small bad choices made daily for a long period of time. likewise to reverse this curse it will take making  small good choices daily.

I will be trying to blog everyday, however with some of the drives we have the first 10 days that may prove to be difficult.

What type of things would you like to know about? Please post a comment.

Sep 102010

Hey everyone I am reposting the ride Itinerary. Come out and join me if you can . :-)

Please note the format is day of the ride # , the date, the city I’m riding,  travel to and from and the mileage is the driving distance

Day Date City From_______ to ________ Driving


1 9/13 Las Vegas Las Vegas To Salt Lake City UT 424
2 9/14 Salt Lake City UT Salt lake City UT to Boise ID 340
3 9/15 Boise ID Boise ID to Seattle WA 504
4 9/16 Seattle WA Seattle WA to Portland OR 173
5 9/17 Portland OR Portland OR to Eugene OR 110
6 9/18 Eugene OR Eugene OR  to Chico CA 386
7 9/19 Chico CA Chico CA to Sacramento CA 87
8 9/20 Sacramento CA Sacramento CA to SanFrancisco CA 90
9 9/21 San Francisco CA San Francisco To  Fresno 188
10 9/22 Fresno CA Fresno CA to Los Angeles CA 219
11 9/23 Los angeles CA Los Angeles CA to San diego CA 130
12 9/24 San Diego CA San Diego CA to Phoenix AZ 355
13 9/25 Phoenix AZ Phoenix AZ to Albuquerque NM 418
14 9/26 Albuquerque NM Albuquerque NM to CO Springs CO 378
15 9/27 Colorado Springs CO CO Springs CO to Denver CO 75
16 9/28 Denver CO Denver CO to Wichita Kansas 515
17 9/29 Wichita KS Wichita KS to Oklahoma City OK 163
18 9/30 Oklahoma City OK OKC to Dallas TX 208
19 10/1 Dallas TX Dallas TX to Austin TX 199
20 10/2 Austin TX Austin TX to San antonio TX 80
21 10/3 SanAntonio TX SanAntonio to Houston TX 196
22 10/4 Houston TX Houston to New Orleans 352
23 10/5 New Orleans LA New Orleans to Jackson MS 187
24 10/6 Jackson MS jackson MS to Memphis TN 210
25 10/7 Memphis TN Memphis TN to St. Louis MO 285
26 10/8 ST. Louis MO St Louis MO to Kansas City MO 247
27 10/9 kansas city MO Kansas City MO to DesMoines IA 194
28 10/10 Des Moines IA DesMoines IA to SaintPaul MN 246
29 10/11 Saint Paul MN Saint Paul MN to Madison WI 260
30 10/12 Madison WI Madison WI to Chicago IL 148
31 10/13 Chicago IL Chicago IL to Lansing MI 216
32 10/14 Lansing MI Lansing MI to Columbus OH 256
33 10/15 Columbus OH Columbus OH to Indianapolis IN 175
34 10/16 Indianapolis IN Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY 114
35 10/17 Louisville KY Louisville KY to Nashville TN 174
36 10/18 Nashville TN Nashville TN to Birmingham AL 193
37 10/19 Birmingham Birmingham to Tallahassee FL 298
38 10/20 Tallahassee FL Tallahassee FL to Orlando FL 260
39 10/21 Orlando FL Orlando to Jacksonville FL 141
40 10/22 Jacksonville FL Jacksonville FL to Atlanta GA 317
41 10/23 Atlanta GA Atlanta GA to Columbia SC 220
42 10/24 Columbia SC Columbia SC to Charlotte NC 93
43 10/25 Charlotte NC Charlotte NC to Harrisonburg VA 297
44 10/26 Harrisonburg VA HarrisonburgVA to Hampton VA 207
45 10/27 Hampton VA Hampton VA to VABeach VA 31
46 10/28 VA Beach VA VABeach VA to WashingtonDC 208
47 10/29 Washington DC Washington DC to Philly PA 137
48 10/30 Philadelphia  PA Philadelphia PA to Boston MA 307
49 10/31 Boston MA Boston MA to New York City NY 219
50 11/1 New York City NY Finished

Sep 082010

More Info Call 928.753.8766  (click on logo to go to website)

I want to give a special shout out to the Springhill Suites in Kingman, AZ .  I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Kingman make them your hotel of choice . :-)   Thank you Shasta for your kindness.Also Thanks to Will and Ashley. Special kudos to Ashley, she beyond the call of duty to get the ball rolling and putting up with several dropped calls in the process.

More details later

Sep 072010

For more Info for the residence Inn in Amarillo 806.354.2978

I want to give a special shout out to the Marriott Residence Inn Amarillo, TX . I will be posting a link on here and I ask that if you are traveling and stop in Amarillo make them your hotel of choice . :-) Special thanks to Shree’ .

More details later

Sep 062010

Wow can you believe the 50/50 ride starts next monday.  I’m loading the car and leaving later today for stops in Nashville…??? OKC   and who knows before I get to Vegas. Ride starts Monday Sept 13th. Tell all your friends.

The Black Dawg will be riding on top of the car til Vegas and then she will have a rack to ride on the back. Brandy will have plenty of room in the back and the road bike is coming along as well.

Here are a few pictures of the Black Dawg on the roof




Aug 272010

Yonrico Scott endorses Phatboyriding’s Pedal With PurposeTour 2010

YouTube Preview Image
Aug 252010

Dear Friends,

I need to ask for your help.

As you know to pull off  a ride like the 50/ 50 ride takes lots of planning, lots of effort, team work and funds. I cannot make the impact I would like to make without you and many others help. More info on the ride  phatboyriding.com

This past weekend I learned that one of the main sponsors that I was counting on dropped out. This directly impacted the funding for logistics. gas , food, etc

I have already invested my time and money for equipment like the SS Black Dawg and will be using my own car as the support vehicle, not to mention hours of training getting ready.

A life long friend said Bob you have two options:

The first , quit and only dream of what might have been,  taking the easy way out!

Second, contact people and invite them to be part of your journey. Your success will be tied to your willingness to ask others for help. Swallow your pride and ask.

He also suggested an idea that I thought was very cool. In a nutshell it is  Sponsor a day of the ride for $99 . I will ride in honor or memory of someone you love.  Send us a picture and a tribute to them and we will post it on one of the days of the ride.

I’m not going to quit. The message about adult and childhood obesity is to important. So, donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will be used to tell the story.

I’m going to do what my friend suggested and ask  Will you join me on the journey and be part of Team Phatboy?  I need to raise 6K to fill the gap.

Thank you here is how you can help.

Donate:    http://phatboyriding.chipin.com/pedal-with-purpose-tour-2010

With Great Gratitude

Bob aka “Phatboyriding”

Aug 242010

* Today, 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 5 children struggle with obesity.
* In 2008, 32 states in America had obesity rates of 25 percent or more, according to the CDC.
* The rate of childhood obesity more than doubled from 1980 to 2000; 30 states have child obesity rates of 30 percent or more.

* Obesity is linked to more than 60 chronic diseases.
* According to the American Cancer Society, obese adults are at increased risk for all cancers.
* Obesity contributes to two-thirds of all heart disease, according to the CDC.
* 66 percent of American adults with doctor-diagnosed arthritis are overweight or obese.
* Over 75 percent of hypertension cases are directly related to obesity.
* More than 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF OBESITY * For every dollar spent on health care in America, 83 cents is spent on a patient that is overweight or obese, according to Health Affairs Journal and RAND.
* The health costs of obesity in the U.S. were as high as $147 billion in 2008, according to a recent study by RTI and the CDC.
* Obesity was responsible for 39 million lost work days and 63 million physician visits, according to statistics from the National Business Group on Health.

* Blacks, Hispanics and Native people are much more likely to be obese than whites, according to CDC data.
* Low-income neighborhoods are more affected by obesity than affluent areas, reflecting a range of policy and cultural influences.


* 52 percent of adults do not meet minimum physical activity recommendations.
* Only 35.8 percent of high school students are physically active for an hour or more every day.
* Only 12 percent of adults and 2 percent of children eat a healthy diet consistent with federal nutrition recommendations.
* According to the USDA, healthier diets could prevent at least $71 billion per year in medical costs, lost productivity and lost lives.

Aug 212010

Hey everyone:

I have had several questions concerning the mileage between cities. That will be driven in a car. LOL I’m getting stronger on the StreetStrider but no way to cover most of the mileages between cities on the SS BlackDawg or my rode bike for that matter in one day’s time. Thank you for thinking that I could do so.  Yes it’s SuperBOB :-)

I will be riding 50 Kilometers in each city each day.

Aug 202010

For Immediate Release

Phatboy to  ride 50 cities  in  50 consecutive days   for Life and Charity

ATLANTA, GA: What do two Grammy winning drummers; a 270-pound self proclaimed “phatboy”, a dog, and a StreetStrider – as seen on TV’s, The Biggest Loser – have in common? A daring ride in 50 cities and a passion to see America turn the tide in the fight against obesity!

Bob “PhatBoy” Carter will embark on a 50 city journey over 50 consecutive days touching 33 states. His journey begins on Sept 13, 2010. Having started his mission to improve his lifestyle in Jan ’10, “Phatboy” has already dropped almost 75 lbs so far and hopes to drop more weight on his journey.

Carter, who turned 5o this year, had a switch go off inside and realized he had to make a few positive changes in his life. Carter says, “It must be something about turning 50. You realize that if you’re going to change you better do it now. I have some free time after my job was cut a few months ago, and the interview process taking longer than intended. I figured I would make the most out of the opportunity, rather than whine and cry about things. I get to create a new life for myself, how many times do we get an opportunity like that? ”

Carter devised his “Phatboy” image during a spinning class at a local YMCA. Over the past couple of months he started working with Coach Tony Myers from Athletic Training Services (ATS) here in Atlanta to train for this Epic Ride and not only reach the goals he has set , but to exceed them and finish strong.

Carter’s first goal: To drop at least 50 lbs. on the journey.

“The ride represents many things to me,” says Carter. “First and foremost, I realized my health and my quality of life were slipping away. This represents a way to regain both, and also to inspire and motivate as many people as I can to do the same. “
Carter realizes this trip means more than a physical and spiritual rebirth. It represents an opportunity for him to raise awareness to the obesity epidemic in our country. According to a recent survey by the CDC 1 out of 3 adults are not just overweight but obese.

Carter, knows he is only one voice, however a grassroots following of his blog and Facebook pages are growing and taking on a Forrest Gump type of feel. Carter has several Grammy winning artists that have taken interest in his ride including Grammy winning drummer Yonrico Scott from the Derek Trucks Band and multi Grammy winning artist “Futureman” from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Futureman says ,“ Bob’s journey represents people that are taking charge of their lives. Everyone wants to be a part of something big and to make a difference in lives of others.” Scott says “The boy is plum crazy, and you have to check out the funky bike he will be riding, it’s definitely hip!”

Carter will be selecting a charity that is connected to the battle against Adult and childhood Obesity . This will be announced soon.

Carter will retrace paths taken by local cyclists many times over, but with a twist. He will be riding the StreetStrider ETX 8R as seen on NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loser. Carter calls his new ride the “SS Black Dawg”. The StreetStrider is an elliptical cross trainer on wheels on a reverse trike platform, allowing for cambering and carved turns.

Carter says, “I wanted to ride something that will catch people’s attention. I’m on a mission to get people to get off the couch and doing something healthy for themselves; we have to change the direction our country is going. I want to draw as much attention to this growing epidemic of obeisty as possible. You will have to see my StreetStrider.”

Others are encouraged to join the movement. “Anyone with a passion for fitness and helping in the battle of the bulge is welcome to join. You can ride a mile, or all day with me. Do something healthy for yourself and families. Come on out and Stride with me.”

If I can do it, anyone can! One Man, One Team, One Purpose!

Media Contact:
Kevin Miller

Aug 152010

Please see updated schedule on my  9.10  POST

Hey Everyone,

Below is the ride schedule. I will be riding each day in the cities listed then traveling to the next city via car with Brandy ( my chocolate lab ) I should have a driver for the support vehicle that is still in the works. If  you want to come out and join me for the ride the goal will be to start every morning by 8am and be finished by noon depending on terrain. We will be posting the start locations a day or two before the ride in that city.  I will be riding my StreetStrider the SS Black Dawg and will have my road bike along in case it is needed. ***Please Note cities are subject to change .

If you have media contacts in the ride cities or the mayor/ governor’s offices let me know so we may contact them about what we are doing.


Aug 132010

Ten Reasons Your Weight Matters

By Todd Smith  from LittleThings Matter

1. Your health will improve.

There are literally 101 health benefits of maintaining an optimal weight. This list includes simple things like reduced stress on bones and joints to more serious problems like sleep apnea, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Here are some of the most severe and prevalent life-threatening illnesses correlated with obesity:

80% of type II diabetes is related to obesity

70% of cardiovascular disease is related to obesity

42% of breast and colon cancer is related to obesity

30% of gall bladder surgery is related to obesity

2. Your life expectancy will increase
We were not designed to carry excess weight. Our bodies do not function at optimal levels when we have added surplus pounds. An Oxford University study analyzed nearly one million people from around the world and found that obesity can trim as much as ten years off your life. This ten-year loss is equal to the effects of lifelong smoking.

3. You will be a better example to your children.

According to the center for disease control (CDC), obesity has increased 74% in the last 15 years. Today 27% of all children are obese. For children, obesity suppresses growth hormone, which is responsible for bone growth, organ growth, and muscle growth. This has huge implications on the health of our world’s children. If you make it a priority to get your weight under control by changing your family’s diet and exercising, you will be setting an example for your children to follow.

4. You will have more energy.

Whether you attribute it to an increased metabolic rate that comes from exercise, improved sleep, or the absence of sluggishness, people who effectively control their weight report more energy.

5. You will experience greater self-esteem.

With rare exception, the No.1 thing I sense from people who have lost weight is an increase in their self-esteem. They smile more. They are happier. They are proud of themselves. Looking good physically equals feeling good mentally and emotionally. When we employ the discipline required to get our weight under control, we feel great about ourselves—and rightly so!

6. You will be more confident.

Confidence may start on the inside, but it definitely shows on the outside. Because weight control is difficult, people who experience success in this area show it in the way they walk and talk, as well as in the way they look and interact with people.

7. You will have more personal initiative.

Success breeds success. Accomplishing something big—like getting your weight under control—naturally builds your confidence. When you combine improved self-esteem, self-confidence, and increased energy you will feel like you can tackle anything.

8. You will enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

By most people’s standards, an active lifestyle is more enjoyable than a sedentary lifestyle. Excessive weight often limits us from getting out in the world and doing the things we enjoy. Some of the most exciting weight loss stories I hear people share are the things they are now able to do that they couldn’t do before.

9. You will be held in higher regard.

The negative characteristics commonly associated with being overweight—whether perceived or real—are no longer an obstacle when your weight is under control.
One study done by Yale University quantified the stigma that people attach to overweight and obese individuals. Their research revealed negative stigmatization of obese individuals on the part of managers, teachers, doctors, and nurses as well as friends and family, and even dietary professionals.

10. Your value to the market will increase.

Regardless of whether or not we agree with it, weight discrimination is a reality. Whether two candidates are vying for a new job or promotion or two sales people are competing for the sale, with all other factors equal, the person whose weight is under control will often have the advantage. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated a correlation between obesity and lower earnings for both men and women.

Resolve to Take Control

One of the most powerful emotions that brings about change is resolve. It’s what gives you the determination to change when you have had enough. It’s when deep inside you say with grit and determination, “I’ve had it!” It’s the time when you say, “It’s over; I am going to change this area of my life. I know it won’t be easy, but I AM GOING TO DO IT.”

Are you ready to take control of your weight? Here are seven steps to get you started.

Make better food choices. You know the foods you should and shouldn’t be eating.  If you don’t know, make it a point to educate yourself.

Drink water. Avoid drinks with chemical additives like sodas as well as drinks that contain high amounts of liquid carbohydrates.

Find an exercise you enjoy—even if it’s as simple as walking and do it regularly.

Don’t eat between meals. This is prime fat burning time. If you absolutely must snack, keep it healthy.

Increase your dietary fiber intake to a minimum of 28 grams a day.

Don’t overeat.

Avoid desserts.

If you are having difficulty losing weight, tell your healthcare provider. There are tests that can be run to identify the problem.

What kinds of setbacks or limitations (life, health, career, etc.) have you experienced personally or observed of others when it comes to weight? Please share your experience in the comment section below this post.

Let today be the day you make the decision that enough is enough and that you are going to learn what you need to do to get your weight under control.

Aug 052010

Hey everyone,

I want to be posting more each day and keep you posted. It is 40 days until the ride begins. I am busy at getting out press releases and contacting possible sponsors. I am on a mission to change my life and to bring awareness to the epidemic of the battle of the bulge.

The CDC just released a report that 1 out of 3 adults in America are Obese  !  and that the numbers have grown dramatically over the past two years.

This tells me my message is on target. I’m just one guy in Atlanta that saw the light this year and I am actively making changes. Join me on this journey help me spread the word. together we can impact our nation for good. Obesity is preventable.

Aug 052010

Hey everyone,

Yesterdays weigh-in caused me to pause and ponder a few things…. why didn’t I lose this week , what’s going on, is it worth it, etc. All the self talk we have, I found my self internally answering .

I should say internally screaming… YES, it is WORTH IT ! Remember your why, look at the progress thus far….I have dropped  over 70 lbs since the end of Jan 2010. That is something to smile about. That is something to shout. I must say …..I look at the decision that I made to change my life. That is the hard part in any goal we set . You must first make a decision then take action. Then it comes to making that choice everyday.

It seems like I have been hovering around 265-270 for the past week or so. I don’t have much to cut out  of my diet and besides I want to show you can eat healthy with a few treats along the way. Let’s face reality if you restrict everything your going to quit. Having said that I’m not advocating going out and eating a bunch of crap ( sweets etc).  I had to laugh , a friend said just cut out soft drinks and that will help. I haven’t had a soft drink since 4.10.1998. So that one sure won’t work.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal . Earl Nightingale

I will press on knowing that I am making progress. It’s the Little things that matter, like little victories of having fruit for a snack instead of candy or driving by Dairy Queen and flipping the bird…. not today you won’t….:-)

Do something Healthy today!

Jul 142010

I want to track my progress on using the street strider ( see picture below) I have named mine the Black DAWG (BD)  . I will be posting my weight every Wednesday. This will do  two things, first it will serve as extra motivation to see it continue to drop and second hopefully inspire people to start or continue their own journey.  I hope that they will say, wow, if Bob can get out and do what he is doing, I can at least do something healthy !

Weight as of  4am wed. July 14th is  274 .

"Black Dawg"

Jul 142010

The Black Dawg  (BD) showed up here in Atlanta on Monday July 12th about 5:30 pm .  She was looking for a home. From all appearances she had a bit of a rough trip courtesy of  UPS . Her kennel (box) was torn and look as it had seen better days. I freed her from the box that night and began putting her together and realized she needed a few tweaks I was not sure how to do, so the first ride would have to wait.

Tuesday, I took her to a local bike shop and they were able to give her a check-up and send her on her way ready for the maiden voyage.  Later that day I was working at Tree Sound Studio and while audio mikes and equipment was being set up I pulled BD; still partly protected by packing material out of the car and rode her in the parking lot. Then it was time to go back inside and shoot some video.

I arrived home with BD and after supper I took her down to the local mall took off the rest of her packing and we had a maiden trip. I snapped a quick picture to show what she looks like. Check her out :

" The Black Dawg "